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The Fen Syndicate

Come join the Fen Syndicate! We are a friendly Hytale guild with chocolate milk! Join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/H52KZ82
The Fen Syndicate

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1. Pepsi or coke 2. Star Wars or Star Trek 3. Hypixel or Hytale 4. Night or Day 5. Chevy or Ford 6. Burger with cheese or without 7. Red or Blue 8. Football or Basketball 9. Hot or Cold 10. Apple or Banana
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I am currently working on a brand new discord server for the group! Unlike the previous one, this one will be completely hytale only. If anyone would like to help with the new discord server just message me on discord at: pqtch#8505. I hope you are all having a great day!
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pqtch created new thread 100 members!
The Fen Syndicate recently hit 100 members! Make sure to check it out here: https://discord.gg/n9H3Fmf
pqtch created new thread 2000 Views!
The Fen Syndicate has reached 2000 views! Make sure to join the discord: https://discord.gg/H52KZ82
So with the success of the discord server: https://discord.gg/n9H3Fmf and feedback from you I have decided to rename this group the Fen Syndicate. Make sure to join the discord server! We are currently at 89 members. We will be giving away the founder role to the first 100 people. Make sure to... Read more
1. i have created a dicord server for the light side: https://discord.gg/G58R8w6 2. The discord is called the Fen Syndicate 3. react with thumbs up if you want this group to also be changed to the Fen Syndicate react with thumbs down if you want it to remain the light side
So i have made a discord server for this guild: https://discord.gg/H52KZ82 I need help setting it up, so if anyone would like to help set it up just dm me. pqtch#8505
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If you are in the Light Side comment with your YT, Twitch or other channel and I will put it here. @Loka : Twitch Me(pqtch): Twitch Youtube Read more
I'm starting a YouTube channel! Check it out HERE. New content weekly! I have been doing this since last year but I never did much plus I kept having software issues. But now I will be putting out new content weekly. I would love it if you subscribed! I need as much support as I can get! Thank You! Read more
Have some chocolate milk!
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Come join the dark side! We have some cool give-aways and gaming news articles :3 Here is our link ;) Just because our name is Dark Side doesn't mean we are bad guys D: https://hytalehub.com/groups/the-dark-side.166/about
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pqtch created new thread Minecraft
What is everyones Minecraft IGNs? Mine is: pqtch.
Likes: red death
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