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Basilea Rhomaion

The glory of Rome shall shine once again!
Basilea Rhomaion

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Mar 3, 2019

Due to a combination of horrible lag and server crashing a scouting force was found out by the enemy in one of our far flung colonies in minetest. We are in need of backup in this faction war, as the enemy is trying to weaponize drama and use underhanded tactics. For all allies who show up, you will be rewarded with colonies and territory there to increase the member recruitment of your groups. This could be a good chance to have an adventure while we wait for Hytale to come out.

Group leaders and praetors, levy your finest volunteer armies, and send your army officers(if you do not have any get some, they are important in maintaining a pvp advantage) here: https://discord.gg/nZcUHgC to be trained. The armies are to be drilled in milsim faction and acquainted with minetest, once the troops are to be sent to the main roman discord: https://discord.gg/FmEWwB4.

The amicus league is in a dark hour, for if we loose this war we will be forced to retreat from minetest again.

All allies are required to help in some way, the best way is to provide troops and officers, but if you cannot then you can help in some support role or be civilistry(basically keyboard warriors/battle politicians that are used to defend our reputation in arguments and combat underhanded manipulation tactics).

Beware, some of the clans we are fighting use cyberbullies and underhanded tactics, another reason why we are bound by honor to win. For it would look very bad for us if we let cyberbullies win over us in a faction war, and consigning the players of minetest to the dark fate. Also, beware enemy propagandists, for the enemy will be giving it everything they got. But they do not have drilled armies, or trained generals, and their population is very low, as we have more then 150 players if everybody participates and works together we should be able to steamroll the enemy factions.