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Suggestions for High Distance Travel and other Dimensions

Aug 26, 2019
Minecraft is not a small game, when you think about the sheer scale of the worlds once they are generated, one becomes aware that normal Overworld travel is not efficient for it. Ergo, the Nether's importance comes into play when one uses it for travel.
I do not know about the size of Hytale's worlds nor can i learn much about it now because of reasons outside my control.
So i'm going to leave this here for anyone to stumble upon, read it and do whatever with it before those outside reasons disallow me further access to internet access.

Travel Realm, The Between: If Hytale developers have made another alternate to the Nether (Travel Function wise) or have plans for it, i'm unaware. But regardless i want to leave this suggestion here.
Instead of a nether replica i suggest a dream like realm, where it functions similarly to a labyrinth and that allows for very long range travel. Appearance wise, it has a lot of similarities to the Dimensional doors mod's alternate dimension and Thaumcraft's eldritch mind realm. A highbreed of both where this realm is the source of all magic and links every world together. Much like the warp of Warhammer 40k... just without the Chaos Gods and less nightmare educing, just strange.
It functions similarly, that while for the most part, is massive winding pathways and strange esoteric non euclidean rooms where one can get lost if not careful, it has many alternate pocket places where players can find loot or discover fascinating new things. Players in this manner are encouraged to map the winding realm to create links and construct portal chains and highways and make the place safer for long range travel between places and different worlds. Entering alone is fine, so long as you're prepared and have the necessary tools to know how not to get lost. Even if a player can get lost there is a high possibility that they can find an alternate way back to the physical realm... however it may drop you off in the middle of nowhere or even in another world altogether. It would make exploring this realm a challenge and exiting endeavor. Well...that's what i personally think.

Most portal systems work through this realm, only that most often than not they are directly chained and no one has to transition through the Between. Those that do transition is to create new portal systems to places where conventional portal magic does not work.

Players who have the necessary equipment and know-how, can even create links to certain places and the like. Even take possession of one of the pocket dimension rooms and use them as either storage areas or their own personal bases in a eldritch realm of magic and power.

This realm is dangerous to traverse, but not impossible. If one stays to the upper layers of the dimension less dangerous it would be and less distance they would travel in the material world. However if they decide to go deeper, the rewards are vast and wondrous, as well as massive travel potential.

The Realm of Deus Est Machina. The Iron World. A Reward for those that like difficulty and extreme challenge.
If a player creates a playable character and increase that character's stats to their max and keep playing the game the system will eventually challenge them. It could be at random or whatever, and it meshes well within the game so you do not think too much of it. The game has those things on its own in random events, but these are placed and timed for that specific player. Collectively, they are the hidden trials and the system makes no notification of it to the player. Its a hidden feature.
Once the player has done it a new world will be opened for them in The Between. It is not easy to find or to enter. But one inside you're treated to a realm straight out of an industrialized nightmare. There are very few animals, what you find mostly are mechanical/corrupted entities who are a mixture of machine and sorcery. They are not the thing you have to worry about though. In this ungodly realm of eldritch magitek, there are things infinitely more powerful and dangerous.
This realm is what happened after 100000 years of technological and magical revolution where a God Like AI was born and subsumed all of mankind, transferring their consciousness and souls into Cyberspace and converting the entirety of the planet into a machine world. This new humanity walks around in machine bodies of various sizes and forms, immortal and eternal, destroying them is merely eliminating one of their vessels. They are endless, they are legion, they are deathless, they are the Mekhani, for they are legion. To fight them is to face the perfection of machines.
Here, those Mekhani are not run by standard AI algorithms, instead by a far more advanced AI learning algorithm, one that knows its a machine and will fight like one, using fearsome tactics and strategies to eliminate its target with 300% efficiency.
However, everything is not Hell and death. While true a player will loose far more than what they gain. What little they do manage to loot from this place outstrips everything else.
Example: A staff made by a player in normal realm: 20 damage points and 4 spells attached to it.
A staff acquired from Mekhani will be: 300 dmg, 20 spells attached, 2 phases, 6 utility options and whatnot.
A player with Mekhani gear is neigh unstoppable everywhere else.

That's it, those are my suggestions.
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