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Welcome to Bannerfall, we are trained to be the best of the best. Join us for an epic adventure that will await. We will start hopping on Hytale once it releases.

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Information - BannerFall


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Jan 4, 2019
Hello everyone,

I am going to tell you information about BannerFall that I think is interesting.

1) What is BannerFall?
BannerFall is a guild/group made for the community. We will help one another for quests, bosses and more! I appreciate if you recruit more people to this group as the more members, the better!

2) Who created BannerFall and how?
I am the founder of BannerFall and created it by creating a group. I thought of ideas to shape the way this will be made and has a picture in my head on how I will make this group.

3) When will we come to Hytale?
Hopefully when it releases, if the game is FTP (Free to play), we will enter and soon as possible. If you have to pay to play Hytale, that'll be harder.

4) How do I recruit people?
You can invite members by sending the Group URL to your friends which should be on the left of this screen.

5) Will we be on adventure mode, creator mode or play minigames?
We will try to mix all of them in by making an HQ for BannerFall on Creator Mode, play minigames for our group to get higher in the rankings and help each other in adventure mode, doing quests, etc.

Thank you for reading this and I do hope you enjoy your stay here at BannerFall.
- Fimu