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Hytale MMORPG | Sacred Isles -> Recruiting

May 4, 2019

The Sacred Isles Team:
Currently we have 3 passionate developers all fluent in Java and C#. The languages Hytale will be using for their engine. In addition to this we have experiences in a plethora of additional languages ranging from C to NodeJS. All 3 of our developers come from large Minecraft MMORPG's such as WynnCraft and Dungeon Realms. We look forward to working with you.

What is Sacred Isles looking for?
People who are cheerful, helpful, friendly and enthusiastic. Work well under pressure, can meet deadlines, work effectively as part of a large team, communicate well and carry themselves in a professional manner no matter the circumstances.

Recruitment Status: Open

Basic Requirements:
- 16+
- Fully Functioning Microphone and Headset

Current Available Positions:

Game Master
The Administrators of the server. It is their job to make sure the rules are being followed and take action if they are broken. Game Masters investigate cases of cheating and ensure no player has an unfair advantage. They have access to a wide array of admin tools which allow them to carry out their role.
Player Moderator
The Moderators of the server. Player Moderators are trusted members of the community, they also act as a bridge between the players and the Admins to relay information, they are the voice of the community and the peacekeepers.
World Developer
The designers of Sacred Isles. World Developers are the creators of the Sacred Isles world, they design the unique areas Sacred Isles has to offer.
Lore Team
The storytellers of Sacred Isles. The Lore Team tell the story of how Sacred Isles came about, they cover all aspects of the game and give background on various Sacred Isles features

Application Form:
Please join our discord at discord.sacredisles.com or discord.gg/g3GcVSH to see our full application process.

What is Sacred Isles?

Sacred Isles is an MMORPG server being developed for the upcoming game Hytale. Centred around the continent of Nexus where two powerful nations are on the brink of war, you the player must pick your side pledge allegiance. The goal of Sacred Isles is to create a world where players can really immerse themselves. We are taking inspiration from games and servers from all over the MMORPG genre to create an amazing experience constantly evolving and expanding that players can flood hundreds of hours into. With the competitive nature of Hypixels Warlords, the story driven by the world of Wynncraft combined with the charm of Vanilla World of Warcraft we aim to create a server that caters to both PvP and PvE players. With the focal point being global nation PvP with incentives to raid and defend, the over-world of Nexus will be full of quests, combat, dungeons, raids, loot to be had and a place to level your Hero and create your legacy. We also plan to have a competitive ranked battleground PvP system and an end game focus on guild warfare with exclusive legendary mounts, titles and cosmetics to be earned by the top players.

Thank you for taking an interest in Sacred Isles!

That’s all I can say for now but be assured there are plenty of unannounced features soon to come with a steady flow of development updates. Make sure to check out our discord and placeholder website (the temporary site whilst we work on our forums)

Website: sacredisles.com

Discord: discord.sacredisles.com
or https://discord.gg/g3GcVSH


- The Sacred Isles team