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Diablo series: where to start?


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Jul 5, 2021
Hello there folks, as the title suggests, I’m a newcomer and I would like to start playing the Diablo series and make some questions about them.

First thing first: “Where/what should I start playing?” The obvious answer would be waiting for Diablo IV. I want to experience the story to its fullest I might buy Diablo 4 Items anyway.

Second Question: I have seen Diablo II got a remaster…graphically is very pleasing but is it worth it? I mean, did they cut stuff from the original game? Are there all the expansions of the OG game(if there are any)?

Third Question: This leads us to this question. How many expansions are there? For all the 3 games combined, I mean. Are they worth it? I usually buy them regardless because I like to experience all of what a game can offer, especially if I’m interested in the latter, but again if I can save some money I’ll gladly take it.

Fourth Question: I Heard Diablo 3 has some MTXs problems…is it very bad? Can you progress steadily even by ignoring them completely?

Fifth and last Question: Regarding the lore…is everything contained in these 3 games? (At least the major content-wise). It’s not like the infamous Halo 5 where you have to read half a library to understand why X thing happened and who are X people right?

Thank you in advance!