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Diablo 4 Crafting Guide: Everything You Need to Know


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Dec 12, 2020
Crafting is a major part of Diablo 4. It allows players to create their own gear, modify existing gear, and improve their chances of finding better loot.
In this blog post, I will explain everything you need to know about crafting in Diablo 4. I will cover the different types of crafting, the materials you need, and the benefits of crafting.
Types of Crafting
There are three main types of crafting in Diablo 4:
  • Blacksmithing: This is the most basic type of crafting. It allows you to create new weapons and armor.
  • Jewelcrafting: This type of crafting allows you to create and socket gems into your gear.
  • Occultism: This type of crafting allows you to extract and imprint aspects onto your gear.
You need different materials to craft different diablo 4 items. Some of the materials you will need include:
  • Common materials: These materials are easy to find and can be used to craft basic items.
  • Rare materials: These materials are more difficult to find and can be used to craft more powerful items.
  • Legendary materials: These materials are the rarest and can be used to craft the most powerful items.
Benefits of Crafting
There are many benefits to crafting in Diablo 4. Some of the benefits include:
  • You can create gear that is specifically tailored to your character's needs.
  • You can improve the quality of your gear.
  • You can add special effects to your gear.
  • You can save money by crafting your own gear.
Crafting is a powerful tool that can help you become a more powerful Nephalem. By understanding the different types of crafting, the materials you need, and the benefits of crafting, you can use crafting to your advantage and become the ultimate champion of Sanctuary.
Here are some additional tips for crafting in Diablo 4:
  • Start by learning the basics of crafting. This includes understanding the different types of crafting, the materials you need, and the benefits of crafting.
  • Experiment with different crafting recipes. This is the best way to learn what works best for your character and your play style.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different materials. Sometimes, using different materials can create unexpected and powerful results.
  • Have fun! Crafting is a great way to customize your gear and make it your own.

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