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Basilea Rhomaion

The glory of Rome shall shine once again!
Basilea Rhomaion

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Mar 3, 2019

It is a dark time for the IMPERIVM ROMANVM, as we slip into inactivity and obscurity. We cannot even defend ourselves from small cyberbully factions in minetest, or even field a respectable army at all. Our so called “allies” deserted us, they left us to die after we helped them so much. We barely have any active members anymore. But we will not die! We have been through cycles of dark ages like this for 5 years straight, even though many of you newer members do not remember it we even had times where I was the only member left. We must stop at nothing, save the rules of war (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vpo63RzS1G_prb3PKqAh8xYL4tYtS6eRYnBx1RRaXyE/edit?usp=sharing) to regain our composure.

This dark age is a prime example on why in gaming, peace is rarely the answer. We peacefully gained lands and members, but we lacked discipline, we were afraid of offending our subjects. But look where that has gotten us, looking out for others has left is in the warpath of a gang of cyberbullies on a faction server with few allies left and even fewer active soldiers. We must do anything within our power to avoid dying as a clan, we must take what little troops we have and go on a last ditch push to conquer new lands and acquire new members. In this push all odds will be against us, but anything not specifically against the rules is fair game. So prepare to go on a last desperate push, using EVERY non banned asset at our disposal, no active members remaining idle, this is a TOTAL WAR. Those traitors who left us to die will be the first to lose their hegemony and be “influence sieged” (stealing the spotlight so much they cannot get members until they surrender). It may be dirty, but as long as it is not specifically banned we must do whatever it takes to ensure that this clan does not die a similar fate to the ancient roman empire. We have survived for 5 years, and we are not about to die! Now is the time for all true Romans to step out and fight to the last stand!

Our modding team, gaming clan, RP channels, and anti cyberbullying group have not been done justice yet. For the community’s sake we must expand by any allowed means necessary to prevent collapse. We cannot die to the cyberbully factions of the minetest faction servers, it would be reaffirming them that their system works! Cyberbullies are in it for the reaction, and them killing this clan would give them the reaction that they could only dream of. We do not support cyberbullying! So we must not lose to cyberbullies! We must stand firm in our hour of trial, the days where heroes are born! We must claw our way out of the pit we are in and turn around and liberate the minetest faction servers from the corrupt factions of cyberbullies that have hidden in the dark for too long! Take up your keyboard and your gladius and march forth for the survival of this clan and it’s subgroups, for we will not let ourselves cheat the community out of them!