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[CONCEPT] Kingdoms - Battle for Velion [Roleplay][Conquest]


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Mar 4, 2020

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About this concept:
Kingdoms is a mod/server concept that comes with the idea to implement gameplay features like creating factions, conquering designated locations, trading with other
players and much more. Several of these features are not trivial and will actually take a lot of work, so my plan is to iterate over the concept and refine it step by step,
while focusing firstly on the conquest part. If possible my plan is to devide the features in seperate modules that could be used independently from one another (as
seperate mods), but work as a whole when used together. As for now the concept is only designated for a multiplayer/server experience.
When Hytale comes out I want to have a good concept and maybe some actual code that could then be adjusted for the API of Hytale.
HELP NEEDED (later!)
But not now :D I still need some time to refine my plans. Currently I work on the basic construct of the concept, namely some UML diagrams, a road map and a git repository (through which I will show you my thoughts on the implementation). In the next two weeks I will update this thread and I will go into more detail on the idea.
Still I hope to get some feedback in the comments. What do you think about this concept? Might this project be a little too much? I absolutely think so, but we still have a year till Hytale releases, maybe things will change in the meantime.
Module overview:
  • Conquest
    • Factions
      • Assign roles and tasks
      • Declare rivalery/war
      • Forge alliances
    • Cities, Villages, Castles
      • Conquer them by claiming their control points
      • Manage taxes as a lord
  • Economy (must)
  • 'Society' (should)
    • Guilds
    • Parties
  • 'World Map' (could)

Origin of the concept:
The idea for this project is way way older than the concept itself. In the glories old days of Minecraft (~2013) a friend of mine and myself had this idea of creating a server where players fight over the rulership of territories, life on the streets as traveling merchants or work in some old and brittle coal mines. The problem was that this concept was just not feasible in Minecraft. Parts of it could have been made, but the longer I tought about it the more I was certain that Minecraft wasn't suitable. Starting with the awful combat mechanics, over to the bad performance and ending with the modding libraries changing from year to year.

About myself:
I'm 21 Years old, I live in Germany and currently I'm in an apprenticeship as a software developer. Before that I studied software engineering for two semester and even before that I was at an IT school. As you can tell I have a little bit of experience :p But before you have high expectations I must admit that this is my first serious modding project I worked on.
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