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  1. Grantis

    Staff Application [HELPER]

    Sorry but I don’t have any public portfolio. And you won’t see much beautiful sites since I’m just a beginner.
  2. Grantis

    Staff Application [HELPER]

    Hello, thank you for your question I’m most fluent with Java. But now I focus on website design. I have tried a lot of different programming languages and different stuff. Like android applications, website development, making soft drink machine, game development. But I chose real world...
  3. Grantis

    Staff Application [HELPER]

    Which Site or Discord server are you applying to? I wanna apply for HytaleHub Main Website. What is your forum username? Grantis What is your discord username? Grantis#0493 How old are you? I'm 16 What timezone are you in? My timezone is GMT+3 How many hours per day would you be available...
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