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  1. StefTheDev

    Offering Premium Resource Manager Position 30% of profits!

    Sounds like requesting more than offering to me.
  2. StefTheDev

    Requesting Developers

    You will not get a lot of luck finding developers at the moment on here. Also best it to include hourly, weekly or monthly wages. It will attract much more developers.
  3. StefTheDev

    Haventale | An unique fantasy experience.

    Thanks guys, Appreciate it.
  4. StefTheDev

    Haventale | An unique fantasy experience.

    Information Haventale is friendly, welcoming Minecraft and Hytale experience. Are you a big fan of fantasy? Well you have come to the right place as Haventale offers unique assets that will create a sensation that you may have never felt before. We care about our community and our future so we...
  5. StefTheDev

    «☁️» Skynode «☁️» | ✨ Minecraft & VPS Hosting ✨ | ⭐️ Hytale Hosting Coming Soon! ⭐️

    Wow, it has been a very long time since my time at Skynode but every time I look back it just constantly grows. They also deserve this for the amount of professionalism and support they offer to their clients. They are super dedicated and put a lot of heart/soul into their business. A huge vouch...
  6. StefTheDev

    [Enjin] Hytale Deluxe Theme - Forums!

    WHAT'S NEW? Added Forums Module Implemented minor styles that were missing Removed Avatar background. Made Avatars more rounded. Fixed blackness in certain styles. Removed generic backgrounds for styles Smoothed a couple of edges. Thanks, StefTheDev
  7. StefTheDev

    [Enjin] Hytale Deluxe Theme

    StefTheDev updated [Enjin] [FREE] Hytale Deluxe Theme with a new update entry: Forums! Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. StefTheDev

    [Enjin] Hytale Deluxe Theme 2019-04-09

    This template follows the GNU General public licence https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html please look at the additional TOS bellow. FEATURES Quick and Easy to install. Many modules to choose from. A theme that is ready to go! Easily customise it to your liking. Choose your own colour...
  9. StefTheDev

    [Enjin] Hytale Deluxe Theme

    StefTheDev submitted a new resource: [Enjin] Hytale Deluxe Theme - A beautiful free website template for your enjin website. Read more about this resource...
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