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  1. Ace

    HytaleHub Hosted Premium Resources

  2. Ace

    ExoTale | Looking for experienced builders!

    Just a heads-up: your website doesn't work.
  3. Ace

    My view on "hytale is minecraft 2.0"

    Just because something inspired it, doesn't make it a copy. They never said that they are "legit recreating Minecraft". Hytale will just be what Minecraft was meant to be, but never was. Minecraft will always be the godfather of the genre and will have nostalgia behind it. Hytale is just the...
  4. Ace

    Offering Premium Resource Manager Position 30% of profits!

    Profits of what? Provide some more details about the work.
  5. Ace


    Can you link me the blog post you saw? I just checked and haven't seen a post made about how scripting will work in the game. There was one about NPC behaviors using JSON, but that's a bit different.
  6. Ace

    HytaleHub, I CHALLENGE YOU.

    Hello, people of HytaleHub. Today we are gathered under one important purpose. The HytaleHub team is launching a website called HytaleNames (http://hytalenames.org) where you can search for and save your favorite usernames before release. I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU THOUGH. On the front page of...
  7. Ace

    I don't know who i should believe Hytale Hub or Hytale News ?

    HytaleHub has no monetary gain. Hytale News is milking all of this drama for money. Directing users to a buycraft page for Minecraft on a video about Hytale. Not to mention the donation pages that they link everywhere. It's apparent that they're just doing this for personal gain. Definitely...
  8. Ace

    I'm HowToBasic

    I'm HowToBasic
  9. Ace

    $30 Master Upgrade Giveaway.

    Is it June 9th?
  10. Ace

    Questions about staff position

    This isn't the right place for a post like this. Try to just post Staff Applications in this thread. Instead, you could private message a staff member for clarification. :)
  11. Ace

    Anyone taking/graduated with EE/CS in college?

    I'm currently taking CS as my major. I assume that is differs greatly between universities, but there may be some similarities you can draw from. I'm only on my second semester, but I feel that I have a good taste for what the program is. Unlike your other classes, the CS ones will rarely...
  12. Ace

    Price problem solved?

    I've heard talks that they're going to make it P2P (pay to play) from the start. They may just be rumors though, so don't take my word for it.
  13. Ace

    Hytale movie tool

    Horror or something like 300
  14. Ace

    Hytale might add these ideas... stay tuned! (MUST READ)

    Hytale News is not an official news provider. For the time being, I would only trust what I read on the official site. Not very much has been confirmat at the moment, but let's not argue about it.
  15. Ace

    ♕ DubDesigns ♕ Quality advertising banner designs

    Very nice designs. Good luck with your shop, mate.
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