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  1. Jesse

    «☁️» Skynode «☁️» | ✨ Minecraft & VPS Hosting ✨ | ⭐️ Hytale Hosting Coming Soon! ⭐️

    ⭐️ We currently have a 35% off promotion running so if you are looking for a cheap Minecraft server now is your chance ⭐️ https://www.skynode.pro/minecraft-hosting
  2. Jesse

    The last post wins! Lets see who will be the last poster.

    So if I eat a banana I have 50,000 genes :sneaky:
  3. Jesse

    New Hytale Animation coming soon here is the trailer

    Amazing animation!
  4. Jesse

    Offering Kuchy's Bakery | Website Design & Development

    Really nice designs! Sent a request on discord.
  5. Jesse

    Hello world!

    Welcome! Enjoy your time on HytaleHub!
  6. Jesse

    Legendary rank can't have more than one image on signature

    I wish I had good news but unfortunately I have not received any update from management/developers. I've brought it up a few times so lets hope they will look at it soon! :D ( @Pearson Wright )
  7. Jesse

    Created a sword.

    Wow really nice job! 10/10
  8. Jesse

    Your favourite Hytale song?

    All of them ;)
  9. Jesse

    Viewing the most recently created threads.

    Thank you for your suggestion. We always try to implement suggestions from the community so I'm sure we can look into it. I will forward this to our management/developers.
  10. Jesse

    HyTime | A time travel based Hytale network

    Interesting concept. You didn't give a whole lot of details surrounding the time traveling idea so maybe you could give us a little more information. Never the less, really looking forward to see how the server develops. Good luck!
  11. Jesse

    What do you want to do when Hytale releases

    First launch our Hytale hosting plans :p After that I will probably explore the world, play the storyline and play a sh*t load of minigames :D
  12. Jesse

    I don't know who i should believe Hytale Hub or Hytale News ?

    Thread closed Reason: Situation has been resolved and is no longer relevant.
  13. Jesse

    HCF || HyTale Community Server

    Good luck with the server! Do you expect to develop the plugins yourselves or are you going to wait for the community to release some plugins to kickstart the server?
  14. Jesse

    I made a thing "For Orbis!!" Don't mess with Tessa!

    Looks good!
  15. Jesse

    Which is Better?

    I like the last one the most.
  16. Jesse

    How much should it cost? (POLL)

    Also you forgot $15-20 in the poll :P
  17. Jesse

    How much should it cost? (POLL)

    I'm thinking $19.95 is probably the sweet spot. We don't need to forget that Hytale isn't going to be a AAA game so prices like $40 or something wouldn't really make sense to me.
  18. Jesse

    [EU] BoehMod Hosting - Affordable Premium Minecraft Hosting

    GLWS! I would recommend working on making your site more mobile friendly as it isn't really responsive. Also I would recommend adding a terms of service and privacy policy.
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