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  1. Jordan

    Lookin at the stars :)

    Lookin at the stars :)
  2. Jordan

    HungAtHalfMast's Helper Application

    Best of luck :)
  3. Jordan

    Epic Eu

    Epic Eu
  4. Jordan

    Stage divin out da nose bleeds

    Stage divin out da nose bleeds
  5. Jordan


    You should definitely make a mod for this! if it not present
  6. Jordan


  7. Jordan

    Salamanasky's Application

    Good luck!
  8. Jordan

    Dreamleaf Forever

    Dreamleaf Forever
  9. Jordan

    Offering OPGraphics | Animated Banners (Big Servers)

    contacted through discord
  10. Jordan

    Why a Free-to-Play business model would be a DISASTER. (IMO)

    It also would cause another issue for server owners to deal with the insane amount of botting that would occur
  11. Jordan

    Site News Partnership with Hytale Gamepedia

    the combo we needed, vs the combo we got
  12. Jordan

    Help Wanted Check out my YT channel(road to 100 subs)(taking video requests)

    Doesn't need to be hypixel, infact it would be more entertaining.
  13. Jordan

    Loka on Twitch?! 😱

    Will check it out!
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