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  1. AgentB8

    Question Why are they holding the release date from us?

    Aaaaaaaaand they’re going down again. But that’s how it goes.
  2. AgentB8

    Hytale Update OFFICIAL HYTALE UPDATE: Three New Pieces of Hytale Music

    Very fitting for the mood of the setting each song will be in.
  3. AgentB8

    [Continue the Story]

    “Okay. I’ve decided to give you one more chance. BUT. If you answer incorrectly, you will be cursed! Do you accept?” Larry said. “Yes,” replied John, after some hesitation. Then, Larry said,
  4. AgentB8

    [Continue the Story]

    Find the secret treaseure. To this, John said,
  5. AgentB8

    Question Favorite Song in Hytale Soundtrack (Updated)

    Why hello there, everyone. Just a bit ago, they released a new blog post with three extra ambient songs to the game. Now, I know some of us were a bit disappointed with some of the original two that they released a month or so ago, but I really like these new ones. They’re very mood-invoking...
  6. AgentB8

    [Continue the Story]

    He came to the village every morning, but he was never noticed. Not until one day when
  7. AgentB8

    Guess The Hytale Release Date Game

    Hmmm.... Beta mid/late April (maybe early May) Full release early/mid June
  8. AgentB8

    Question Why are they holding the release date from us?

    Haha... walked into that one. I meant the rate.
  9. AgentB8

    Question Why are they holding the release date from us?

    Why hello there! I don’t think anyone is ignoring the facts. The trailer views are decreasing. The buzz about the game is dying down. People are getting impatient. The crabs are dancing on the beach. Why is all of this happening? The release date hasn’t been... uh, released. But why? Why...
  10. AgentB8

    Hytale Release Date (Speculation with evidence)

    Fair enough, but I was thinking more of a basic, vague overview that had no spoilers or details, just to hook us in. Maybe some exposition or something. (That’s why I said “basic overview, because no spoilers” next to it) It might not be it’s own blog post, just sprinkled as hints throughout. I...
  11. AgentB8

    What would you like to see from Hytale

    It would be really cool if there were cutscenes in the game, for dungeons and boss fights, maybe even with your custom character in it (I know they can do that in games). That would be really cool, especially if it had voice acting. Also, about the different races, it would be neat if you could...
  12. AgentB8

    Theory Hytale Races

    Why Hello There! I finally figured out how to add that prefix I keep seeing! Anyhow, let’s get into it! Let’s also stop using exclamation marks! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Okay, so. Everyone remember in the “Customizing Your Character” blog post...
  13. AgentB8

    Question Can we make this a meme?

    I think you know my answer Also... That took a while to figure out how to upload
  14. AgentB8

    Hytale Release Date (Speculation with evidence)

    Yeah well.............. I was being optimistic, okay?
  15. AgentB8

    Hytale Release Date (Speculation with evidence)

    Why hello there, If you couldn’t see by my profile, my name is AgentB8, and I make speculation posts! Obviously, the release date has already been thought about, but one factor I see nobody using is the blog posts. You see, their goal has been to release small bits about the game systematically...
  16. AgentB8

    Hytale trailer views are kinda dying out..

    Yeah... I think, instead of blog posts, they should have just released several mini trailers (or at least more than one)
  17. AgentB8

    (SPOILERS) Super Secret Page - Hytale Site Easter Egg

    Hmmm... well I did know about this, but I never thought to make a post on it. Good thinking! On the topic of Turbo Chicken, it seems like more of a dev inside joke, like The Noble Pigeon, or the Mighty Bananas with the Yiga Clan (BotW, anyone?) I mean, it might make it into the game...
  18. AgentB8


    Well okay then
  19. AgentB8

    New logo!

    Neat! I love the creativity for combining the L in both words Although I keep reading it as “Pixe Life,” But that’s just me No, seriously. It looks amazing!
  20. AgentB8

    Massive Hytale Logo Done by Hand. 183+ Thousand blocks.

    Wow. That’s really amazing! Great job
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