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  1. Harrison

    Guess The Hytale Release Date Game

  2. Harrison

    Need Developer for Hytale Server

    We are in need of a Hytale server developer, if you are interested, our discord is https://discord.gg/hUmUFd My discord is UsingCheats#6658 Message me or say in the discord if you would like to apply. Thank you for reading this, if you would like to join us but you aren't a developer you can...
  3. Harrison

    New Profile Picture

  4. Harrison

    Introducing Myself

    Ok If you need help with anything you can ask me on discord UsingCheats#6658
  5. Harrison

    Introducing Myself

    What is the project about? And welcome to HytaleHub
  6. Harrison

    New Profile Picture

    Thank you
  7. Harrison

    Your favourite Hytale song?

    all Hytale songs I know of which one is your favourite? Comment below ;)
  8. Harrison

    New Profile Picture 2019-03-12

    This is a profile picture I made for my YouTube channel and the website. My channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRXcgXRUKwZRRzxKxsjFXA Hope you like it, I'm not that experienced with GFX but I'm trying to get better.
  9. Harrison

    New Profile Picture

    Harrison submitted a new resource: New Profile Picture - Profile Picture Read more about this resource...
  10. Harrison


  11. Harrison

    All Hytale Songs So Far V1

    This is a new video I made, it is a bunch of Hytale music I found. Any help on finding more is appreciated and a subscription would help a lot. Thanks.
  12. Harrison

    Count as high as possible until a staff member posts!

    you're billy so you dont count because you are a billy 1
  13. Harrison

    Count as high as possible until a staff member posts!

    billy doesnt count so 4
  14. Harrison

    Hytale Arena Shooter.

    I probably can't help much but if you need any help my discord is UsingCheats#6658
  15. Harrison

    Favorite Zone 1 Wildlife

    the ducks look kinda sad
  16. Harrison

    Rest in peace "Group"

    Today we had a sad loss of the group "Group" we were going to take over the world with 300 members when the group was deleted :cry: Rest in peace "Group" you will be remembered.
  17. Harrison


  18. Harrison

    Rate the above persons avatar

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