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  1. HeyitsRiley

    My view on "hytale is minecraft 2.0"

    I would say Hytale is basically a copy of Minecraft as that's where the idea of Hytale originally came from However Hytale is been made to be a lot more customization for all kinds of uses as we know Hytale is been made by Hypixel Studios the owners of a very popular Minecraft Server Hypixel...
  2. HeyitsRiley

    So I died for some time as some of you guys know already but I might be back around the...

    So I died for some time as some of you guys know already but I might be back around the community from now on
  3. HeyitsRiley

    [GAME] Counting to *.

  4. HeyitsRiley

    What Hytale name(s) will you be targeting at release?

    Most likely there will be a minimum character of 3 letters but we will never know and I am not sure what usernames I am going to be after but I'm guessing if I am 5 minutes late or am at school because my timezone is different to most peoples that I will miss out on any of the OG usernames as...
  5. HeyitsRiley


    Hey, Seb You have quite a few skills there! anyways welcome to HytaleHub Forums (=
  6. HeyitsRiley

    why :(

    why :(
  7. HeyitsRiley

    HyCon - Community online convention hosted on Hytale (Idea)

    not really sure on how I feel about this I like the idea and everything but I feel like this would be something that the creators of Hytale have probably already thought about this and will probably create an online convention or maybe a convention irl honestly a good idea but I am sure Hytale...
  8. HeyitsRiley

    Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day!

    Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day!
  9. HeyitsRiley

    Happy Birthday Bob!

    Happy Birthday Bob!
  10. HeyitsRiley

    Hi. I am thanos. I uninstalled half the universe!

    Hey, Thanos. Welcome to HytaleHub Forums! glad you read the rules
  11. HeyitsRiley

    Hello there!

    Hey, Chnapak. Welcome to HytaleHub Forums! I honestly can't solve Rubik's cubes no matter how card I try and I have recently got back into programming well at least tempting to learn the basics. And personally I think Hytale will be around 25-30 USD
  12. HeyitsRiley

    Heya *owo*

    Hey, TitanBear Welcome to HytaleHub Forums!
  13. HeyitsRiley


    Hey, Welcome to HytaleHub Forums and yeah as said above this isn't the official Hytale forums
  14. HeyitsRiley

    [] Apricity Network | Looking for Staff []

    Love the logo and the name I will be sure to check your server out when it releases
  15. HeyitsRiley

    I love you more @Demonly

    I love you more @Demonly
  16. HeyitsRiley

    Nablien | Hand Drawn Avatars ● High Quality ● Affordable

    Hello, your art looks amazing and I am definitely interested as I will be getting back into youtube and what not sometime this year My discord is TypicalRiley#1648 and I will send you a message regarding the costs thank you.
  17. HeyitsRiley

    Network News COMMUNITY MILESTONE: Youtube Channel | 1,000 Subscribers!

    GJ on the 1k mark Next milestone? 100k
  18. HeyitsRiley

    I love you

    I love you
  19. HeyitsRiley


    Welcome Dogium, to HytaleHub I'm also a dog lover could you tell?
  20. HeyitsRiley

    ]|[ Change ONE Word ]|[

    love fire