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  1. Bright

    Good Hytale domain for sale!

    Bump not sold yet
  2. Bright

    Good Hytale domain for sale!

  3. Bright

    Good Hytale domain for sale!

    bump still selling
  4. Bright

    Who thinks there will be in-game currency?

    In-game currency doesn't have to be paid. Maybe you're able to earn it by selling stuff on the marketplace, doing dungeons etc. Or am I wrong?
  5. Bright

    Thoughts on Hytale servers

    Basically, I hope for factions to come up as quick as possible. Always loved to play that. Only if it's actually competitive tho.
  6. Bright

    Good Hytale domain for sale!

    Selling the domain: hytalegame.co Offer in comments or contact Brightz#7553 on discord!
  7. Bright

    Where would you guys build a base?

    I was wondering, where would y'all build your base? I was thinking maybe somewhere high in a tree, that would be awesome. And if I progress later, I can make a underground base aswell. :)
  8. Bright

    Just think about this real quick

    Hi guys, Just think about this: Okay so we all know how much fun Minecraft was right, exploring, fighting, modding and more. But now Hytale comes, everything is going to be bigger. Just imagine the amount of fun Hytale will give us. Damn I'm hyped lol
  9. Bright

    Would Hytale have an infinite world generation similar to that of minecraft?

    Damn, infinite worlds. That's a great feature
  10. Bright

    How much should Hytale be?

    Imo it should be $25, I think it won't be free since they said it's not going to be p2w.
  11. Bright

    Hi; I'm Louwtjie

    Welcome mate!
  12. Bright

    Hey guys! Looking forwards to modding

    I'm also pretty hyped about modding, there's so many possibilities.
  13. Bright

    Hey Yall, im JSKF

    I'm looking forward to your YouTube channel!
  14. Bright

    Hello everyone!!

    Hi, My name is Rick, but you can call me Bright. I'm a huge gamer, I've played Minecraft since it came out. I'm currently 15 years old. I used to play alot of Minecraft PvP (factions, practice and hcf). I'm very hyped for Hytale, my goal is to make it in the leaderboards in one of the...