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  1. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: May 2023

    Finally it's getting warm! Summer is coming and so welcome to May. Time for a new Hytale Magazine. April saw some minor news and tweets from the Hytale team. In addition, we can again admire ingenious fanarts. News Let's get straight to the news. There was a tweet from Game Director John...
  2. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: April 2023

    It's April 1st, it's no April Fool (why should it be?!): We have a new Hytale Magazine with new news. Let's welcome spring. News New news?! What..? Yes, you heard that right: new news. New exciting Hytale subdomains have been found, from which we can conclude a few things. There will be...
  3. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: March 2023

    It's March, which means a new Hytale Magazine! Spring is coming soon. And with that, welcome to our new post of the Hytale Magazine! Have fun! News In February we reached a milestone. A huge milestone! The Hytale trailer has reached 60 million views. A crazy number. Many games would only dream...
  4. NoahS04

    Hytale trailer reaches 60 million views!

    The Hytale trailer reaches 60 million views! :love:
  5. NoahS04

    New hytale goodies

    Hytale Goodies for Thanksmas:
  6. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: February 2023

    Welcome to the new February Hytale Magazine! It's a new month, so it's time to check out the latest news and fan art from the Hytale universe. News Unfortunately, there was little news in January. Hypixel Studios has a new team member: Shaun Keenan! He works in communications. Welcome...
  7. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: January 2023

    Happy New Year! And with that, a warm welcome to the first Hytale Magazine 2023! We hope you had a good start into the new year and somehow survived the Christmas season. News Actually, we assumed a blog post for December. Unfortunately, this was canceled because the Hytale team did not feel...
  8. NoahS04

    Predict the next person

    Nop, it's @fskab12
  9. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: December 2022

    Winter is coming! And with that, welcome to the last episode of Hytale Magazine 2022. December will be another exciting month in which we can expect news about Hytale. News Unfortunately, November did not bring much new Hytale news. Here is a small interview with Hytale COO Moo: And of...
  10. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: November 2022

    Hey and welcome to the new Hytale Magazine in November 2022! We hope you survived Halloween well and are ready for November. Our second release of Hytale Magazine is again all about the news from October about Hytale. News What's new? Something has happened in the Hypixel Studios team. None...
  11. NoahS04

    Minecraft Live 2022

    Since not much is happening around Hytale right now, tomorrow is Minecraft Live! What do you expect from it? Hopefully there will be a lot of information about the 1.20 update.
  12. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: October 2022

    Thank you, Chris! :)
  13. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: October 2022

    Thank you! :)
  14. NoahS04

    Hytale Magazine: October 2022

    Welcome to Hytale Magazine! Wait... The Hytale Magazine? Hytale Magazine is a brand new magazine here at Hytale Hub. A new issue is always published on the first day of the month. Hytale Magazine has the latest news from the past month about Hytale, Hypixel Studios and Hytale Hub. We want to...
  15. NoahS04

    Hytale OST - Heroes of Orbis

    This track is called 'Heroes of Orbis' and is part of the Hytale soundtrack. For beta sign-up, screenshots, detailed articles, concept art, game info, and more, please visit our website: https://hytale.com/ Hytale Official Soundtrack “Heroes of Orbis” Music Composed by: Oscar Garvin © 2022...
  16. NoahS04

    Weird Facts

    There is a bus in Hamburg, Germany which can drive on street and in the water ^^
  17. NoahS04

    My Hytale light

    Hey! :D I just want to share my Hytale LED night light. I made it with the new version of the logo, which the team is using on merch. :)
  18. NoahS04

    what is your favorite survival game

    So currently I would say Eco - a sandbox survival game, which is currently still in beta, is quite a lot of fun :)
  19. NoahS04

    r/place Hytale goodies

    Hypixel Studios sended goodies for some r/place people! :)
  20. NoahS04

    Welcome :)

    Welcome :)