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  1. NoahS04

    Weird Facts

    There is a bus in Hamburg, Germany which can drive on street and in the water ^^
  2. NoahS04

    My Hytale light

    Hey! :D I just want to share my Hytale LED night light. I made it with the new version of the logo, which the team is using on merch. :)
  3. NoahS04

    what is your favorite survival game

    So currently I would say Eco - a sandbox survival game, which is currently still in beta, is quite a lot of fun :)
  4. NoahS04

    r/place Hytale goodies

    Hypixel Studios sended goodies for some r/place people! :)
  5. NoahS04

    Welcome :)

    Welcome :)
  6. NoahS04

    NoahS04 [Helper Staff Application]

    Hey! :) This is my application to be a helper. Which Site or Discord server are you applying to? HytaleHub What is your forum username? NoahS04 What is your discord username? Noah#5481 How old are you? 18 What timezone are you in? UTC+1 and UTC+2 How many hours per day would you be available to...
  7. NoahS04

    It's too hot! :D And how's your summer?

    It's too hot! :D And how's your summer?
  8. NoahS04

    Tutorial: Design your own Hytale skin

    Hey:cool: Hytale isn't out yet, but I'm sure some people want to create their own Hytale skin. In this guide, i will show you step by step how you can design your own Hytale skin relatively quickly in the browser. 1. Download the template Go to Powerbyte7's HyAssets GitHub page. There you can...
  9. NoahS04

    Network News Merry Christmas Hytale! 2020!

    Merry christmas! :)
  10. NoahS04

    Network News Celebrating two years of Hytale!

    Yeah! Happy B-Day Hytale!! :)
  11. NoahS04

    Network News Hytale Hub Network Update: September, 2020

    Niceee! : D. When the character creator will release?
  12. NoahS04

    Question What do you think the beta will be like?

    My idea was this: These people can get beta access: - influencers - random people from the beta application - hytal communities like hytalehub or regional communities are getting keys to giving away - maybe key drops?
  13. NoahS04

    Network News Merry Christmas Hytale! | 2019

    Am i to late? XD