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  1. Model Repository

    100% support this idea
  2. Make dungeons

    This is kinda already a big part of the game
  3. Magic Weapon Combat

    Magic in Hytale is quite a mystery, but this image shows the player with a spellbook that allows the casting of one specific spell. I think that would provide some of the versatility you're talking about. Nice Legend of Kora clip btw :)
  4. Weapon Evade and Dodge

    I agree, if you do not have a light weapon you should still have some way of escaping from combat, I suppose we will just have to see what the team provides us with and build from there.
  5. Dev Update Gliders for sky islands

    I agree with Game Syn3gy, the team is already extensively exploring air travel, I wouldn't worry about lack of transportation modes :)
  6. In game voice chat

    I have a solution. Since a friends list is confirmed, why not have it so that only friends can hear each other? I think that would be best. Then only people you trust would be able to talk to you :). I actually can't believe I came up with this idea :unsure:
  7. Dev Update Adding a parry combat system

    Both this suggestion and Game Syn3gy's reply get my vote. I would add that maybe a parry would temporarily stop you're attacker from using a weapon, giving you time to either deal some damage or make a swift escape. Perhaps there would also be attacks that are immune to parrying (such as a...