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[Minecraft] UltimateAutoRestart » The best Auto-Restart plugin (Actionbars, Titles, PlaceholderAPI)

[Minecraft] UltimateAutoRestart » The best Auto-Restart plugin (Actionbars, Titles, PlaceholderAPI) 1.2

1. Customize the restart commands
2. Force an auto-reboot from in-game
3. Toggle between Auto-Reboot
4. Select messages @ specific intervals
5. Actionbar, Title, ChatMessages supported
6. Quality of life features (smart placeholders)
7. A Command for users (shows next restart)
8. Extremely configurable
9. PlaceholderAPI support

Commands (autorestart or ar):
- /autorestart now [interval]
- /autorestart stop
- /autorestart reload

Permission Nodes:
uar.commands - Having this permission will show the menu and not the interval when using /autorestart
uar.now - Permission to use /autorestart now [interval]
uar.stop - Permission to use /autorestart stop
uar.reload - Permission to reload the plugin

Placeholders (PlaceholderAPI):

Auto-Restart .bat (Windows):
java -Xmx5G -Xms1G -jar <server-jar>.jar -o false
goto start
Auto-Restart .sh (Linux)
screen -s server -X stuff "stop"
screen -s server -X eval "stuff \015"
sleep 15
cd <path to the folder your startup script is stored in>

If anyone does plugin showcases (YouTube) and would like to do one for this plugin, please message me so I can add the video to the thread.
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