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No permission to buy (€15.00)

Do you hate that you have to pay people to be able to automate Minecraft server donations? Oh so do I! this is why I made MyStore. MyStore is a PAY-ONE-TIME donation store that you can customize down to the bones! It comes with PayPal and other core payments like PaySafeCard, And it has its own Plugin for Bukkit, BungeeCord, SpongePowered, NukkitX & Hytale you don't hear that every day do you?

MyStore is built with customizability in mind, even with a bit of HTML, CSS & Basic PHP knowledge you can integrate this store into any website.

Join discord server here: https://discord.gg/PGXYBuq

Hytale support will be available the same week we get access to the API.


  • Minecraft Bukkit Plugin.
  • Bungeecord Plugin.
  • SpongePowered Plugin.
  • Google captcha.
  • MySQL / Config hybrid configuration.
  • SQL injection proof.
  • Nice looking Bootstrap 4 Website with an admin control panel.
  • Monthly updates & security updates.
  • PayPal (One click payment)
  • G2A Pay
  • PaySafeCard payments (G2A Pay)
  • Extensive 80+ lines of configuration.
  • Free Technical Support.
  • Transaction-log
  • Purchase Chart
  • Product about page
  • Sales & Cupons
  • Multiple servers
  • Multiple commands per product
  • One-time purchasable products
Plugin Features:

  • Banned commands
  • On donation broadcast
  • In-game commands (mystore, mystore reload)
  • Customizable/donate command
  • Bruteforce prevention

1.) You are not allowed to re-distribute or sell this resource without my permission.
2.) The purchase is final you are not allowed to refund.
3.) Refunding will result in a scam report against you and suspension of license.
4.) You agree that you won't leave a bad review before contacting the authors and attempting to resolve the issue with them.
5.) Leaking will result in suspension of license and Minecraft Market report that will lead to an account ban.
6.) Any kind of code re-distribution will be reported to HytaleHUB staff.
7.) You understand that you are buying a product that might be incomplete in some parts.
8.) You understand that you have to report issues to the developers in order for them to resolve them.
9.) You understand that this Terms and Conditions might change at any given time and it's your job to read them when they do.
10.) Support will be given to you as fast as possible, But not on request.
11.) As a developer you are not allowed to sell any themes/add-ons without our permission or consent, This is due to term 1. and 5.

  1. (Optional) VPS / Dedicated server
  2. Web Server that supports PHP 7.* (Apache 2, Nginx)
  3. MySQL server
  4. Minecraft host using at least Java 8
  5. Available additional ports on Minecraft host.

Updates will come weekly, monthly.. please just wait.
If you have any requests feel free to request in our private discord server or discussion.

If you like the resource please leave a 5⭐️ review and be cool


If you are wondering at this moment "Why is the damn price so high man!" Let me tell you that projects like this cost $150-250 to make and you will probably make that money back in 2-3 donations because we take no fees. The whole project will also be actively updated.

Another thing, if you want to host this on a web host we do not offer any support regarding it.
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