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  1. Macedonian

    My Steam Account (LVL 301, OG ID)

    Not a lot i got a few they are all for sale/trade
  2. Macedonian

    My Steam Account (LVL 301, OG ID)

    This is my main account and i was wondering how much it would go for, and btw this is not for sale. (+)70+ Games including Rocket League and CSGO (+)85+ pages of positive trading reputation (+)No game bans (-) Banned on Steamrep for Impersonation / Scam attempt (The account got compermised rip)...
  3. Macedonian

    Reputation System

    I mean if the user violates the rules he deserves that nevative reputation and i don't think that will lead to quitting the game...
  4. Macedonian

    Reputation System

    Your first sentence doesn't make any sense?
  5. Macedonian

    Reputation System

    Reputation System Adding this will help dealing with people and knowing if they are trustworthy or not. Let me know your opinion. If you disagree please specify why.
  6. Macedonian

    If you want to know who the best person in the world is, look at the second word in this sentence.

    If you want to know who the best person in the world is, look at the second word in this sentence.
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    Macedonian's Trusted Middleman Service

    Introduction Hey, I'm Marko and I'd like to start middlemanning for free to gain reputation on this forum. As a start I will only middleman deals that are: Accounts Trades Contact You can PM me onsite regarding the deal. Reputation I am repudable on other forums but the most reputation i...
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    That would be cool if they did something like that. And also rewards like capes would be cool like on minecraft i attended Minecon in 2012 and got a cape.
  9. Macedonian

    Hello community!

    Welcome and have fun 😃
  10. Macedonian

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone! My name is Marko and I’m very hyped for what's about to come, Hytale is getting a lot of support from the community and i hope it will grow as a successful game i'd like to see a nice and helpfull communty unlike the downfall of the Minecraft one. The first impressions from this...
  11. Macedonian

    Staff Application - Macedonian

    What is your name? Marko Anderson, known as Macedonian How old are you? 15 years old, turning 16 this year Which country do you live in? Macedonia How many hours per day (on average) would you be available to devote towards Hytale Hub? Im usually active very often and i can put as much effort...