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Founder of the project PixeLife.
March 6




Founder and Owner of the project PixeLife [CZ/ENG]


  1. ITD-CIT

    Shadow Skeleton

    You've just posted your 50th message! Wow!
  2. ITD-CIT

    Peter Cottontail

    Your posts have attracted 50 likes from fellow Hytale players!
  3. ITD-CIT

    Piggly Wiggly

    You've just posted your 30th message! Wow!
  4. ITD-CIT

    Golden Eel

    Your posts have attracted 30 likes from fellow Hytale players!
  5. ITD-CIT

    Frost Spider

    You've just posted your 20th message! Wow!
  6. ITD-CIT

    Mystical Deer

    Your posts have attracted 20 likes from fellow Hytale players!
  7. ITD-CIT

    Desert Viper

    Your posts have attracted 15 likes from fellow Hytale players!
  8. ITD-CIT

    Mister Crabs

    The Hytale community has awarded you 10 likes!
  9. ITD-CIT

    Swift Fox

    Your posts are attracting the attention of other Hytale Players!
  10. ITD-CIT

    Chirping Chicks

    You're on the path towards becoming one of the most prominent Hytale players!
  11. ITD-CIT

    Blue Lagoon

    You sent your first message in chat!
  12. ITD-CIT

    Extroverted Pigeon

    You really are a social butterfly! Keep posting messages!
  13. ITD-CIT

    Cute Kitten

    You've posted 3 messages already? That's awesome!
  14. ITD-CIT

    Chicken Dinner

    You're a winner! A fellow Hytale player liked one of your messages
  15. ITD-CIT


    Chat with other Kweebecs for the first time
  16. ITD-CIT

    Angry Wolf

    You sent 5 messages in chat!
  17. ITD-CIT

    Happy Cyclops

    You uploaded your first profile picture!
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