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  1. Demonly

    [Python] Ideas

    Shows you know the basis of MVC and what not. You could make some interesting lighting shows with it and pass it off as complicated, employers love to be dazed.
  2. Demonly

    [Python] Ideas

    Use flask python and build an interesting portfolio site for yourself. Useful for resumes and what not.
  3. Demonly

    I love you too @HeyitsRiley

    I love you too @HeyitsRiley
  4. Demonly

    About the negative attention you guys got.

    I wish it was indeed over, it's far from over. Hytale News is starting more drama as we speak. :/
  5. Demonly

    The last post wins! Lets see who will be the last poster.

    I should lock this thread, lol. #Flex
  6. Demonly

    Roles under profile picture.

    This is a WIP, I've been slowly making these textures, once they are all done they will all be updated, until then, I've been testing out a few of them.
  7. Demonly

    Animated avatars

    You should be using the `edit avatar section for updating your avatar. https://gyazo.com/a9687ad5d7afbad2ab9882c7f9fb6aac Additionally if the gif is over 1mb you need to get it lowered, and it can't be longer than 30 seconds.
  8. Demonly

    Animated avatars

    Can you try uploading it now?
  9. Demonly

    Animated avatars

    Can you please link to which Avatar you are having an issue with uploading?
  10. Demonly

    Nice mob :D

    This looks pretty cool.
  11. Demonly

    Possible Hytale leak?

    Ha, I could make this in an hour. Probably fake unfortunately, but hey it's a nice thing to see.
  12. Demonly

    Name Change

  13. Demonly

    Name Change

    What name would you like?
  14. Demonly

    Bring Back Signatures.

    This is fixed, thanks and sorry!
  15. Demonly

    Say "Hytale" 10,000 times!

    Hytale 50
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