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Could the Dream SMP exist in Hytale?

No, it cannot exist.

Because you can't stream and play Hytale at the same time. Sorry.
[/sarcasm, because it's obvious nothing is stopping an SMP existing in any game online, begging the question as to why the question was even asked. Dream is most certainly going to try Hytale or at least be sponsored to do so...so an SMP, and a plugin for it, will more than likely happen]
This is worth a Sub and nice theory it would be epic if true when hytale comes out (y)


Feb 28, 2021 at 9:02 AM
Posted by Lily
In this video, I'll go over whether the Dream SMP could switch from Minecraft to Hytale, the upcoming game from Hypixel Studios. If you liked this video, please subscribe and leave a like. Thanks!
Music by GYVUS
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